Smoked Paprika Hummus

Served with pitta bread


Cheesy Pepper Fries

(Add beef or chicken for extra £2.95)

Topped with mozzarella cheese jalapeno and spicy sauce



Chicken Popcorn

Served with BBQ sauce


Southern fried chicken wings

Served with crispy salad and spicy ketchup


Chilli Chicken Wings 

Served on a bed of crispy salad and chilli sauce
























Grilled Halloumi Cheese

Served on crispy pomegranate salad


Fried Halloumi

Served with salad leaf and mango mole


Garlic Bread

Garnish with mozzarella cheese with fresh salad


Fish Masala (cod)

Served with mango mole and pepperonata salsa


Tempura Prawns

Served on crispy leaves and

sweet chillie sauce



















Special Grill Starters

Peri Peri Chicken & Chips

Garnish with crispy rocket leaf



Peri Peri Chicken Leg

Served with egg fried rice



Chicken Liver

Served with garlic naan triangles



Lamb Tikka Skewer

Served with fetta salad and cucumber raita



Lamb Loin Cutlets

Served on crispy rocket salad and garlic mayo



Lamb Chops

Brushed with garlic butter , garlic mayo and drizzled with balsamic glaze


























Lamb Kebab

Served with naan and cucumber raita



Sticky Chicken Wings

Served with mixed salad and BBQ sauce



Thai Chilli Chicken & Beef

Served with potatoe mash and drizzled with sriracha sauce



Tiger Jumbo Prawns

Served with grilled pineapple pepperonatta salsa and teriyaki sauce



Jerk Poussin Chicken

Served with jerk sauce and caribbean coleslaw























Caesar Salad

(Add chicken £1.95 or prawns for extra £2.95)

Iceberg, cherry wine tomato’s, crutons,

parmesan, sweet corn, contains anchovies and caesar dressing



Lush Goat Cheese Salad

Rocket leaf, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, honey balsamic vinaigrette and dressing topped with crostini










Fetta Salad

Salad leaf, cucumber, diced tomatoes, olives, sun blushed tomatoes, crutons, onions served with lado lemon dressing



Grilled Beef Salad

Mix garden leaf, Pineapple, sun blush Tomatoes, green leaf, onion rings, sesame seeds and honey balsamic dressing











Supreme Steaks

T-bone Steak           12oz

Complimented with garlic butter, tomato confit, corn on the cob, asparagus, garlic mushrooms and steak fries or mash potato


Rump Steak              8oz

Complimented with garlic butter, tomato confit, corn on the cob, asparagus, garlic mushrooms and steak fries or mash potato



Melted Lamb Steak   8oz

Complimented with melted cheese, jalapeno, tomato confit, grilled corn, asparagus and mash potato



Rib Eye Steak            8oz

Complimented with garlic butter, tomato confit, corn on the cob, asparagus, garlic mushrooms and steak fries or mash potato




















Sirloin Steak        8oz

Complimented with garlic butter, tomato confit, corn on the cob, asparagus, garlic mushrooms and steak fries or mash potato



Mix Grill Plate

Juicy flat iron steak topped with pulled beef,  sticky wings, corn on the cob, tomato confit and pepper fries on side



Cheesy Chicken Steak

Topped with melted mozzarella, sun blushed tomatoes, grilled corn, asparagus, tomato confit and mash potatoes




Add any sauce for extra

Peppercorn sauce

Diane sauce

Creamy mustard sauce

Rich Gravy























Chef's Signature Dishes

Applewood Hickory Smoked Beef Fillet

Covered under glass cloche complimented with mushroom raghou, baby carrots, vegetables pearls, asparagus cuts, cheesy fries and mustard sauce



Roasted Sesame Salmon Steak

Served with sauté potato, asparagus, prawn croquets, broccoli and lemon butter sauce



Special Chicken Skewers

Served with pitta bread, steak cut fries, cucumber raita and fetta salad



Super Tender Beef Short Ribs

6 Hours slow cooked in its own fat and beef jus served with mash, grilled asparagus, chantany carrots and rich beef gravy (limited quantity or order 24hrs prior)



Special Aged Tomahawk     20oz

28 Days dried aged meat complimented with fried onion rings, sauteed creamy mushroom, grilled corn on the cob, pepercorn sauce and steak cut fries.



Pan Seared Cote de Boauf 18oz

Seared in mushroom, french mustard, pepper corn, balsamic vinegar served with new potatoes, asparagus and garlic butter.



Fish Combination

Pearl cous cous salad, seabass fillet, duo of  jumbo prawns, crab croquets, asparagus, baby corn, mash potato and lemon butter sauce.



Chicken Kiev

(Stuffed with halloumi, sun blush tomatoes and mint) Served on crushed spring potatoes, grilled asparagus and creamy curry sauce.




































Zaraks Burgers

Beef Burger

(add cheese for extra £1.50)

Served with brioche bun, coleslaw and fries




Stuffed BBQ Burger

Served with brioche bun, coleslaw and fries




Dynamite Burger

Double beef patty and southern fried chicken fillet, coleslaw and fries




Pulled Chicken Burger

Served with brioche bun, coleslaw and fries




Pulled BBQ Beef Burger

Served with brioche bun, coleslaw and fries































Southern Fried Chicken Burger

Served with brioche bun, coleslaw and fries



Street Burger

Homemade beef burger with topped with cheese pulled beef served with brioche bun coleslaw and fries



Cajun Chicken Burger

Served with brioche bun, pinapple, coleslaw and fries



Halloumi Burger

(Veg option)

Served with brioche bun, mango mole, coleslaw and fries



















Zaraks Grill Board

Zaraks grill board


2 Peoples Serving


Flat iron beef steak topped with pulled beef, lamb cutlets, pulled meat burger, spicy chicken wings, peri peri chicken fillet, corn on cob, fried eggs and steak fries



Grilled Chicken On Board

Served with pepper fries and peri peri sauce

Whole Chicken                                           £11.99

Half Chicken                                               £6.99




Chicken alla Crème Pasta

Served chicken bites and mushroom cooked in rich cream sauce topped with parmesan flakes and garlic crostini



Mushroom Arabiata

(Add chicken for extra £2.95)

Wild mushroom cooked in spicy tomato sauce and chilli flakes topped with permesan flakes.




Homemade Beef Lasagne

Layers of ground meat and lasagne sheets cooked in classic tomato sauce and served with chips





















Kids Meal & Snacks

Breaded Chicken Strips

Served with salad and spicy ketchup



Chicken Schnitzel

Served with mozzarella cheese and sun

blushed tomatoes.



Chicken Popcorn

Served with Ketchup














Chicken Wrap


Beef Wrap


Chicken Cheese



Steak Baguette


All snacks served with Julienne fries












Side Choices

Steak Fries


Onion Rings


Mash Potato


Mix Vegetables











Egg fried Rice


Mix Salad


New  Potatoes


Additional Sauces












Diet Coke








Mineral Water 1ltr












J2O Orange & Passion


J2O Apple & Mango


J2O Apple & Raspberry






(apple & pomegranate)












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